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Dear Sir/Madam,
You have been invited to review a manuscript for WORLD JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY. I would be grateful if you would review this article.
The abstract is enclosed. If you would like to review this paper:
1. please go to this URL: *
2. Go to the Login section
3. Enter your defined username and password
4. Go to the reviewer zone
5. Download the file on your desktop
6. Click the review button
7. Fill the reviewer form and include your comments on the manuscript
8. Click on the save records button
9. In the case you need a further revision, you can choose the "The form is uncompleted" and click on the save records button
10. In final step, the file submission should be confirmed.
If the above links does not work, please go to, and then follow the same instructions as mentioned above. If possible, I would appreciate receiving your review in the next couple of weeks. You may submit your comments online at the above URL. There you will find spaces for confidential comments to the editor, comments for the author and a report form to be completed.

With kind regards
Ali Manafi, MD, The Editor of WJPS

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