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Whitehouse H. Comparison of Thigh-Based versus Groin-Based versus Lateral-Thoracic-Based Flaps for Hand Resurfacing: A Review Article. WJPS. 2021; 10 (3) :3-7
URL: http://wjps.ir/article-1-811-en.html
Queen Mary University London, Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS , harry.whitehouse2015@gmail.com
Abstract:   (860 Views)
Thigh-based, groin-based and lateral-thoracic-based flaps are available for microsurgical hand resurfacing – which is the best?
BestBETS methodology was used to systematically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. PubMed, EMBASE and Cochrane databases were searched up until Sep 2020, using the search strategy: hand re-surfacing, free-flap, groin-flap, thigh-flap, lateral thoracic-flap, advantages, and disadvantages.
Overall, 31 papers were identified which were used to synthesize the discussion and conclusions.
Thigh-based anterolateral thigh (ALT) flaps offer the greatest versatility.
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Type of Study: case report | Subject: Special
Received: 2021/07/22 | Accepted: 2021/07/6 | Published: 2021/10/23

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