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Chakraborty S S, Kala P C, Sahu R K, Dixit P K, Katrolia D, Kotu S. Fingertip Amputation Reconstruction with VY Advancement Flap: Literature Review and Comparative Analysis of Atasoy and Kutler Flaps. WJPS. 2021; 10 (3) :8-17
URL: http://wjps.ir/article-1-845-en.html
1. Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur, India
Abstract:   (1484 Views)
Many different flaps had been described to cover exposed bone in fingertip amputations and injuries. The variants of VY advancement flap, by far the simplest, had proven to render good functional and aesthetic outcome. We aimed to revisit and compare the various VY advancement flaps in fingertip reconstruction.
PubMed [MEDLINE] database was searched for VY advancement flap in fingertip reconstruction. Demographic and outcome data were extracted from relevant studies and comparative analysis was made. Patients with fingertip amputations undergoing reconstruction by either Kutler of Atasoy flaps in our institute, were assessed for sensory recovery, cold intolerance, joint’s range of motion, and aesthetic outcomes and results were analysed.
Among the 744 articles, 32 citations went full text review and were included, while data of 13 articles were tabulated. Weighted mean of 2PD in Kutler and Atasoy estimated to be 6 and 7.5 mm respectively. Hook nail deformity was in 29% and 35%, pain was present in 71% and 30% patients, in Kutler and Atasoy flaps respectively. Forty fingertips with Allen type II/III were reconstructed. Sensory outcomes of Atasoy flap and Kutler flaps were better than the previous study results. Four patients had cold intolerance. All patients achieved satisfactory aesthetic outcome.
Over time, VY advancement flap have been successfully used for reconstruction of Allen type II-IV fingertip amputations, as suggested by the good sensory, functional and aesthetic outcomes.
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Type of Study: Original Article | Subject: Special
Received: 2021/10/1 | Accepted: 2021/07/6 | Published: 2021/10/23

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